Fire Pit

Sculptural Fire Pit

This fire pit is a seven-legged 16 gauge steel fire pit specifically designed for viewing an intriguing, unique design when walking around each angle of the fire pit. It was MIG welded and the final design will be black patina to accentuate the angles. The inside features a lifted, removable cylinder fire cage made with expanded metal and a dome top which opens to two sides.

Fire Pit

Faces and Skulls

Faces and Skulls is an interesting painting because it can be hung in all directions. It is an acrylic painting sized 16″ by 16″. It is currently in the personal collection of a local art collector.


Threads Sign

The Threads sign is a custom-built sign for Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs. It is a mixed media piece made of plywood, rope, sand, acrylic paint, brass, diamond plate, wire mesh and stainless steel nuts and bolts. It is currently located at the Goodwill location at Circle and I-25. The sign is 12′ wide by 30″ tall and was assembled onsite in three pieces with a crew.



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