Beacon 2019, 66″ x 22″ x 16″ Steel, patina, epoxy paint and Satin clear coat


2017, Steel, patina, and fiberglass resin, 32” h x 22” w x 22” d Sold

Tetris Skyscraper

2017, Steel and enamel paint with internal LED lights, 60” h x 14” w x 14″ d; Private Collection Greenville, South Carolina


2015, Steel and enamel paint, 6′ h x 4′ w x 4′ d; in the permanent collection of Artist Meghan Wilbar

Cubist Tornado

2017, Steel, copper resin paint, patina, and metal wax, 44” h x 13” w x 13” d; SOLD

Hip Bone

2017, Steel, patina, and enamel paint, 52″ h x 27″ w x 14”

I Didn’t Mean to Keep It

2021, Patina Steel with enamel paint and industrial clear coat, 47” h x 28” w x 47” d. 2021 Colorado State Fair Professional Best of Show Winner.


2018, Steel with enamel paint, 57″ H x 28″ W x 24″ D, resting on 22″x22″ steel base with Mexican river rocks. Sold

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice, 2020 hand formed steel, epoxy paint, and automotive clear coat.


2018, Steel and enamel paint, 72″h x 35″ w x 35″ d

Life Cyclone

2022 Hand Forged and bent Steel sculpture coated in a red oxide patina